Classroom Screen

Posted by LORENA GONZALEZ on 8/1/2017

This summer I discovered ClassroomScreen!

ClassroomScreen is a website with a variety of classroom tools all in one place for FREE! No downloads required or anything fancy, just go directly to the website and start using it. 


Here are a few things you can do in Classroom Screen:

How it works
Project this in your classroom.

You can… 

  • choose a background 
  • type your instruction in the text area and zoom
  • choose a work symbol 
  • set a timer or show the clock 
  • use the traffic light 
  • pick a random name
  • do some simple math
  • draw in-screen or full-screen
  • generate a qr-code
  • drag and drop the icons in the right place


Here is a picture of a busy ClassroomScreen at work. You can keep it as busy or as clean as you'd like. I tested the random name picker and it was as easy as typing student names or pasting a list directly from a word document. This would be great to randomly call on students to participate in class.



I love that this application is available in different languages, see picture below for languages available.


Don't waste any more time and start using ClassroomScreen!!