Quizlet LIVE

Posted by LORENA GONZALEZ on 9/4/2017

Quizlet is a vocabulary tool that has existed for a long time now, but recently added a new awesome feature called Quizlet LIVE!


Quizlet LIVE creates a collaborative, engaging game that allows students to practice vocabulary while they have fun. 

Quizlet LIVE is an easy activity for BYOD lesson because it can be played using any device that is connected to the internet (cell phones, tablets, laptops, iPads, desktops, etc). 


How it works:

Teachers select a vocabulary set with at least 12 questions and select the LIVE option to start a game. This generates a code that will be shared with students. Students use a web browser to access quizlet.com/live and enter the code provided by the teacher. When the teacher sees that all her students have joined, he/she clicks on create a game and students are randomely grouped in different animal categories. Students find their groups and once they are ready the teachers starts the game by clicking on Start Game. The FUN part about Quizlet LIVE is that each student in the group will have different answers appear on their screens, only ONE of them has the right answer. This forces students to collaborate to figure out the answer and advance to the next question. If the group gets a wrong answer they start from zero and forces students to review all terms again. Once a team wins the game stops. At the end the students get a review of the cards they need to study for next time. 

Requirements to play Quizlet LIVE:

  1. Create a FREE Quizlet account
  2. Use a set that has at least 12 vocabulary terms
  3. Must have at least 6 participants to start a game