Escape the Room using One Note

Posted by LORENA GONZALEZ on 12/13/2017

Have you heard about an Escape Room? You basically lock people up in a room and provide them with challenges which they have to figure out to break out of the room before they run out of time. Well, an Escape Room One Note Edition is essentially the same thing except you don't have to lock anybody up.

You can say that an Escape Room One Note Edition is a modification of the wonderful BreakoutEDU challenges. 


The videos below show you how to play and how to set it up.


Click HERE to view some sample Escape Room. (Browse the menu on the left-hand side to explore different Escape rooms)


Also check out this wonderful SWAY, by Fredda, who has put together a great list of resources which can be used to create challenges for your Escape Room. CLICK HERE


How to set up?


How to play?