Mystery Skype

Posted by LORENA GONZALEZ on 11/1/2017

Mystery Skype


What is it?

Mystery Skype is an educational game, played by two classrooms trying to guess the location of the other class using yes/no questions. Once the game is over we can allow a few minutes for each class to share some interesting facts about their cultures or where they live. 





Lesson Plan

 Where to find classes to Skype with?


  • @Skype Classroom
  • @MicrosoftEDU
  • #MysterySkype
  • #Skypetolearn


  • Mystery Skype group
  • Educator groups

Google + communities

  • Connected Classrooms
  • Mystery Skype/Google Hangouts

Microsoft Education Community

  • Skype in the classroom 



Google Maps

Countries of the World

World Book

Time Zone Converter


Time Zone Map



Mystery Skype