01-18-2022 Regular Board Meeting

Board Meeting Video

  1. Call to Order
  2. Establishment of a Quorum
  3. Closed Meeting as Authorized by Section 551.001 et seq.of the Government Code -
    1. 551.071 - Private Consultation with the Board's Attorney about any item listed on the agenda
    2. 551.072 - Discussing purchase, exchange, lease or value of real property
    3. 551.074 - Personnel Discussion
      1. Employment of Professional and Instructional Personnel
      2. Review Resignations
      3. Consider Teacher Abondonment of Contract - Julietta Salas
      4. Consider Annual Superintendent Evaluation/Contract/Salary/Benefits
    4. Section 551.076 Considering the Deployment, Specific Occasions for, or Implementation of Security Personnel or Devices
    5. 551.082 -Consider Discipline of a Public School Child, or Complaint or Charge Against Personnel
  4. Reconvene in Open Session
  5. Consider Action on Items Discussed in Closed Session as Listed Under Closed Meeting in this Notice
  6. Introductory Remarks - Trustee Lance Botkin
  7. Board Recognition
  8. Board Member Committee Report
  9. Public Comment [Length of time of each comment not to exceed three (3) minutes]
  10. Public Hearing
    1. 2020-2021 Texas Academic Performance Report and Associated Testing Results
    2. Notice of Intent to Apply for the 2021-2024 Federal Grant (ARP) (TEHCY) Supplemental Grant
    3. Notice of Intent to Apply for the 2021-2022 COVID-19 School Health Support Grant
  11. New Business - Consideration of and Possible Action on the Following
    1. Consent Agenda
      1. Approve Minutes of the Regular Board Meeting on November 9, 2021 and
        Special Board Meeting on November 15, 2021
      2. Approve Mid-Year Supplemental Pay for the Retention of Bus Drivers
      3. Final Approval of District of Innovation Extension/Update
      4. Approve TASB Localized Policy Manual Update 118
      5. Approval of Investment Policy and Investment Training Providers
      6. Resolution Designating District Authorized Investment Officers
      7. Approve Final Payments for Pearland ISD Stadium Turf Replacement
      8. Approve Purchase of Portable Air Purifiers and Filters
      9. Approve Final Payment for the PA System Controls Replacement
      10. Approve Final Payment for the Searcy Gym Floor Replacement
    2. Regular Agenda
      1. Consider Approval of Award for Commercial Property, Automobile and Various other Insurance Coverages
      2. Consider Approval of the Proposed District/School Instructional Calendar for 2022-2023 School Year
      3. Consider Resolution to Extend Employee COVID Leave through Feb 2022
  12. Administrative Reports
    1. Purchasing Cooperative Fees Report 2021-2022
    2. Quarterly Investment Report
    3. Financial Statement Report as of November 30, 2021
    4. Bond Budget and Projections
  13. Adjournment